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About PrioInfo  
PrioInfo has through the last 25 years’ been an exclusive agent for a number of publishers and information owners all over the world.

PrioInfo has through these years provided libraries, universities, colleges, pharmacists, companies and organisations in the Nordic countries with databases, e-books and other electronic resources. The common denominator for our customers have been their various needs of information. Based on extensive knowledge, PrioInfo has given guidance to customers, ensuring that their needs has been properly satisfied.

One of PrioInfo’s strengths has been our dynamic and coordinating energy in various consortium projects, in which organisations with similar information needs have put together a coordinated procurement of electronic resources. PrioInfo has coordinated a number of such consortiums underway in various subject areas and scopes.

Since 2000 PrioInfo owns and develops URKUND. URKUND is a world-leading system for detecting and combating plagiarism in all sorts of educational institutions. Public sector companies and private companies, as well as publishers and authors, see a clear need for URKUND. One key issue is the assurance that texts to be published have not been plagiarised, and that copyright-protected material is protected against plagiarism.

From the 15th of August 2012, PrioInfo phases out the reseller business as a part of the strategy to focus on our own products, mainly on our plagiarism prevention service URKUND ».

Prio Infocenter AB, Box 3217, 103 64 Stockholm

PrioInfo phases out the reseller business

Per the 15th of August 2012 PrioInfo
has sold our reseller business to
LM Information Delivery.

All the database-, journal- and eBook-
subscriptions along with all the reseller
contracts are now handled by
LM Information Delivery ».

In accordance to this, ebrary will be
taking over the contracts that ePrioInfo
had with our Nordic publishers. From
the beginning of 2013, the titles
that these publishers offer will be
available directly through

If you have any questions regarding
PrioInfo or URKUND please don’t
hesitate to contact us!

For any future database-, journal-
or eBook subscription queries we
kindly ask you to contact
LM Information Delivery at »
who will assist you in this.