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URKUND is owned and developed by Prio Infocenter AB. The service had its origins in the academic world. Some teachers hit on the idea of creating a web-based service that could help them to detect student cheating and plagiarism. That is how URKUND came to be set up in autumn 2000. The plagiarism problem was attracting much attention in the media and the press. More and more people were beginning to realise the scale of the problem - and the benefits of a tool to support teaching activities. URKUND continued to grow and develop, and has became recognised in academic circles as Sweden's most widely used anti-plagiarism service.

Today, URKUND is also represented in neighbouring countries, elsewhere in Europe and the US, Asia and the Middle East.

These days, the URKUND service is being used as a routine part of the work in the academic world and in the school sector. Both teachers and students are well aware of the immediate and long-term benefits.

Public sector companies and private companies, as well as publishers and authors, see a clear need for URKUND. One key issue is the assurance that texts to be published have not been plagiarised, and that copyright-protected material is protected against plagiarism.

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